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Conceive… Believe… Achieve…

Who am I?

Sometimes I don’t even know myself.


My Happy Thoughts.

Here is a Jar, inside is much room. Even though it’s no chocolate bar, it can fight off much gloom. Just put in a thought, a very happy thought. And one day I shall see, All the happy that came from Me.

I can audition ANYWHERE!!!!!

Me right now, like right right now!!!

Sometimes a spoon just isn’t what you need.

It’s that time again, time to ponder, reflect and judge.

Malice in Wonderland!


Happy Graduation!!!!


Because Auditions weren’t stressful enough….

New fun and exciting ways to make yourself absolutely paranoid.

Got anger?

Learning to channel negative energy into creative pursuits.

My first time….

…going to a paid LA audition that is.

Los Angeles calling!!!!

A quick word…


The Rumpel-run, milkshakes, and cute kids.